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Hurricane Solar, Part I

We’ve been experimenting with different off-grid solar power configurations for a while. As I have mentioned in a previous article, power went out for three days in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. This gave us an excellent opportunity to put this experimentation to practical application; nothing like the prospect of losing a freezer full of […]

Listening Posts and Observation Posts (Guest Article)

Barry is retired Special Forces, Traditional Catholic, monarchist, historian, Scholastic, counter-Reformationist, and counter-revolutionary. Introduction During a recent correspondence with Tom Baugh about his AAR following Hurricane Matthew this writer commented that his OPs should have had check points behind them to prevent the perimeter being “crashed.” Baugh responded that he had been split between describing […]

Hurricane AAR: Don’t Use Don’t

I had fun writing this somewhat tongue-in-cheek dramatization of an actual event. I hope you have as much fun reading it. And yes, it is a blatant ad for our field phone product also. In the update to my original Defamating post, I pointed out that one of our signs was shot recently, on a […]