SoftBaugh Launches Small Business Blog

Running a small business has always been an important topic here at Starving the Monkeys. To help with this, SoftBaugh has started a new small business blog. For those of you who remember the Midnight Engineering magazine, that blog will have a similar mix of practical, hands-on tips and anecdotes, including guest articles from people with a wide range of skills. Some articles over there will highlight technology issues, but most of the business-oriented articles on that site will apply to most businesses, technology aside. We’ll also post some prepper- and politically-specific small business articles here on this site, along with color commentary wrapper from a prepper or political point of view for many SoftBaugh articles. Jump in, and as always, if you have a topic or anecdote you want to contribute which will help others, be our guest!

Trump Week In Review, 17 Feb 2017

The fourth week into the Trumpening, we’ve seen some movement on Obamacare and a high-level firing. House Republicans are said to be trial ballooning replacement plans. But, we have yet to see proposed changes that would definitively remove the three most onerous provisions which throttle small businesses, the lifeblood of the middle class, and thus the economy as a whole. We discussed those provisions in the first article in this series. As with many things Republican, effete slapping at irrelevant issues appears to be the order of the day, per the whims of their globalist puppet masters. In related news, the IRS appears to be implementing a policy of selective enforcement regarding the mandate penalty. While this move sounds good superficially, selective enforcement is always a political tool. This IRS policy is similar to that used in dry counties in the South, where political insiders can throw big bashes with no threat of enforcement, while those same laws are used to bash whomever those insiders wish to target.

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Double Conversion UPS, Part I

After a long hiatus, Old School Tech has posted the first article in a new series, this time about creating a double-conversion uninterruptible power supply, which is useful for driving loads such as freezers or mission-critical items. Like a computer UPS, this power supply waits, fully-charged, until it is needed. Unlike a computer UPS, however, it produces clean, pure sine wave power. It also can be scaled up in capacity as desired, operating for hours, or days, as needed. For a prepper, a system such as this removes the need to get a generator or other power supplies running immediately when power fails. This buys time for other activities, such as defending your family from the antifas who took out utility power in the first place. As noted in the linked article, a double-conversion UPS can also absorb a variety of glitchy power inputs, increasing the options for using less expensive generators, or allow swapping generators out for maintenance or refueling without compromising the load. The same system, fed with solar during the day, or generators at night, with long gaps of battery operation between, allows much more flexibility and peace of mind than a generator or solar setup alone. This first article shows how to create this system; future articles will report on real world long-term results and multiple topologies we’ve tested.

Real World Civil Affairs Interrogation

In a previous article, we presented five HUMINT collection techniques useful in a civil affairs program. One important technique from this list is interrogation, as taught by our mentor, Umbrella Bunny. An interrogation is the most visible HUMINT activity, but relies on the preparation supplied by the other intelligence activities, HUMINT and otherwise. This example, an interrogation of Manassas city councilman Michael Godbee about his 2016 Mexican vacation, is a great illustration of the preparation for and conduct of a civil affairs interrogation. As usual, the local consumption version of this interrogation is over at Leech City; our Starving the Monkeys article here provides additional background information as an After Action Report (AAR), including items noted as room for improvement, to help you implement your own civil affairs operations and learn from our experiences.

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Making Men Great Again

This Valentine’s Day, I introduce a new Starving the Monkeys series, Making Men Great Again, a cooperative effort among various alt-Right sites. As I have said before, the Trumpening heralds, not a man, but a revival of our heritage and a revival of ourselves. An important part of that is teaching young men, particularly from the lost generations, the things young men once learned around a fire from their fathers, brothers, uncles and grandfathers before single-momism became celebrated and elders left for RV parks clutching their Social Security checks, leaving that cultural wisdom destroyed in the void. Wisdom means learning from mistakes as well as successes, and I’ve had plenty of both. Let’s celebrate today by diving right in to this pointless Valentine’s Day massacre that men have been taught to put themselves through year after year.

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Japanese Level 4 Passed!

Georgia requires two Carnegie units of a foreign language for all high school students, including homeschoolers. Our 14 year old daughter chose Japanese as her language. To validate her studies, we are using the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, an objective worldwide standard offered each once or twice per year in selected cities. In Atlanta, this test is offered each December and attracts test takers from the entire Southeast region. The scores for the most recent test posted today.

Last year, she easily passed the entry-level N5 test. This year, she passed the significantly more difficult level N4 test, with a score of 152/180. Passing is a score of 90/180. The breakout scores for each section, Vocabulary, Grammar and Reading, are an equivalent score of A.

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Trump Week In Review, 10 Feb 2017

Three weeks into the Trumpening, the world of small business continues to evolve. Fighting off a bout of sick, I spent some time this past week making some calls to people who Once Made America Great. These calls aren’t quite to the level of “getting the band back together”, but certainly heading in that direction. These guys, mostly engineers and salesmen, were victims of the unheralded Great Social Justice Purge which started in about 2006 and culminated around 2010-2011. Picked off one-by-one with a variety of made-up justifications, some economic, some personnel-related, these men have been hiding out in whatever shelters they could find. If they were employed at all, it was often well below their experience. Some of our brethren committed suicide, inconsolable over having let their families down, not understanding that their families were deliberately attacked, and their futures pillaged. Some died from stress-related illnesses or had their health ruined by the same.

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Trump Week In Review, 3 Feb 2017

As the Trumpening continues to steamroll opposition in its path, this week has seen a few developments on the small business front. Last week, we discussed three key issues affecting small businesses, which are the overseas supply chain, H-1B visas, and Obamacare, and that internationalist (read as anti-American) large businesses will use their power and influence to keep their claws on the throats of Americans. Predictably, CEOs are now getting involved personally to use their influence to scare people back into their cages.

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Intel Taught By a Pro

Saw the following notice this morning (h/t WRSA blog) about an intel class taught by a professional this month in Nashville. Our Leech City work has been adapting this sort of material for the narrow scope of our civil affairs effort, but the material in a class like this should be helpful over a much larger scope of interest to preppers.

Looks like we’ll miss this one as things will be really heating up here by then, but if we were in the area we would be happy to plunk down the cash for a class like this.

Five HUMINT Collection Techniques

As we flesh-in our evolving doctrine for fighting local crime and corruption networks, we’ve been adapting military, intelligence and law enforcement methods to the soft end of the legal, civil and public affairs arena. Today’s backgrounder is on five Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collection techniques which work well in this application. These five HUMINT techniques of interest are:

Passive Listening
Interactive Listening

This article will describe these techniques and interactions between them; future articles in this series will then offer real-world examples, drawn from our Leech City files. Although some of this material may seem like plain common sense, it is helpful to categorize them and recognize when and by whom each of these techniques are best employed.

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