Homeschool CLEP: 4 College Calculus Credit Hours at Age 14

One reason to start blogging is that it makes bragging a lot more convenient. I can also tell you about my mistakes so that you don’t have to make them.

This week’s brag is about our 14-year old homeschooled daughter. Last week, she passed the Calculus CLEP with a score of 62/80. Passing is generally recognized as a 50/80 by most colleges and universities. Some don’t recognize CLEPs at all, but for those that do, this is a nice notch on her academic belt. It also officially signals the end of her math curriculum in homeschool, having previously taken Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Advanced Math. You will notice that Geometry seems to be missing. But, because we use the Saxon Math curriculum (pre-watered-down versions), those three courses, plus Saxon Calculus, have more geometry in them than most public school kids will ever see. And, by the time your student hits about the halfway point in the Saxon Calculus text, they are ready to take the CLEP and pass.

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Hurricane AAR: Don’t Use Don’t

I had fun writing this somewhat tongue-in-cheek dramatization of an actual event. I hope you have as much fun reading it. And yes, it is a blatant ad for our field phone product also.

In the update to my original Defamating post, I pointed out that one of our signs was shot recently, on a trajectory that put one of our buildings and any occupants therein at risk. This happened just as Hurricane Matthew was bearing down on coastal Georgia. While the hurricane itself turned out to be a relative non-event for our area, the power outage was another thing entirely. Our little town was without power for three days, even though very little damage was sustained in this area.

Given this recent violent escalation, we decided to use the hurricane and its aftermath to test some of our equipment and methods. So, we posted a 24-hour watch, including listening posts. These listening posts communicated with the operations center using our field phone sets.

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Family-Friendly Old School Tech

Pyrolyzer In Action

Pyrolyzer (Wood Gasifier) In Action

At the start of 2016, we launched a family-friendly blog, Since then, we have been caught up with the local crime and corruption drama, so we haven’t put in much effort over there since then.

Old School Tech is a home for family-friendly guides about how to do and build interesting things. While Starving The Monkeys will always have a bit of an edge to it and tackle controversial topics from time to time (as in usually), Old School Tech is much more wholesome, like a 1950s science class film series. STM will link to OST, but not the other way around, keeping that site kid-friendly. We’ll also avoid using OST pingbacks to sites like STM, so if you find one we let through, let us know and we’ll drop it.

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Repost: Defamating the Government

This was originally posted as a static page. Reposted into the blog format.

Barney steps on his fife.

Barney steps on his fife.

A couple of years ago, I moved into a little town called Manassas, Georgia. I initially thought it was Mayberry, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Much more on that later, including widespread burglaries, drug traffic, prison contraband smuggling, public corruption, false official statements, and one recent murder in a local nightclub. Essentially, many public officials in this area appear to routinely ignore state and federal law, and even the fundamental principles of civilization, at a genetic level.

Fast forward to January, 2016. Audrey had just gotten herself elected to the city council, and was sworn in on the 4th of that month. Within a hour, the newly-elected mayor (the previously long-serving city clerk) convened a clandestine meeting of the city council in her office. Although Georgia law mandates closed meetings (known as executive sessions) in specific circumstances, this session did not meet those criteria, nor was the session convened in accordance with those requirements. Further, Georgia law requires that votes be taken in public, even on issues conducted in executive session, and in this case, two specific votes were taken in the clandestine meeting.

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Welcome to Our New Starving the Monkeys Blog

After years of coaxing by many friends, I have finally decided to blog for real. For a long time, I resisted blogging. Mainly, I thought it would take up too much of my time, especially when dealing with all the trolls that blogging inevitably attracts. The static page format worked great for me, and I’ll still use the static page format for some content where it makes sense.

But now, especially with some of the things that I have been involved with in the past couple of years, it makes more sense for me to start blogging. I have a lot of content bubbling around, and I need a better vehicle to post that information. I also need a way to post micro-content, where just a few paragraphs or a short video or two is all that is needed. I also want to leverage some of the social media and subscription services that come with blogging.
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