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Had Enough Yet? Then Fight Back Smarter

Productive people everywhere understand that their lives are being wrung of every drop of value, but it is hard to put your finger on why and how. Or more importantly, what to do about it. Yet, even though there are so few of us, we still hold all the cards. You just have to know how to play them.

We've seen elections come and go, and yet things seem to always get worse and worse no matter who gets elected, especially to national office. And no matter how much you talk yourself blue in the face, or wear your fingers to the bone online, too few people seem to "get it". A lot of what you hear in the media, even from your favorite pundits, still seems to miss the mark somehow.

How can this be? You may be one of the unlucky ones who have had everything you've ever work for destroyed. And yet there are many people around you who don't seem to notice anything is wrong at all. We keep hoping those people will eventually wake up, but they never do. Not even the intrusive policies of the TSA seem to make much of an impact on most people. As horrifying and unpleasant as this may be to you, most people seem to just simply accept the accelerating encroachment of their liberties. While you get madder and madder, and more and more exhausted.

There is a simple reason why so few people seem to care, and yet this simple reason eludes people like us, who thrive on creating value in the world. We're so busy working to improve things, we just can't see the world through their eyes.

The reason is that to all those people, you are the enemy. It doesn't matter whether you've ever threatened anyone, the simple fact that you think for yourself, and are bold enough to believe that you have rights and value as an individual, is downright terrifying to most people. And those people will take any amount of government abuse necessary, as long as bad people like you are rounded up in the process.

This is why your children are indoctrinated against your values in school, to breed more numbed populace who see you as the enemy. This is why working hard and playing by the rules brought us to the brink of ruin, because, as we are only now becoming aware, the game was rigged all along. This is why you have to swallow every bit of your inner self at work. Or, if you own and run your own business, this is why it gets harder and harder each year to stay afloat. This is why no one but you and your close circle seems to really be bothered about any of this insanity in any meaningful way. This is why not even those pundits and politicians "on our side" ever really seem willing to "go there". They only dribble out enough pap to keep us tuning in, or voting for them.

We would like to think that people are waking up. Some are, no doubt. But most people don't want to wake up, because the dream is nicer. And their turning to government to take what they need from you is a lot easier, isn't it? If you are really honest with yourself, and evaluate those around you, you will probably find, unless you are extraordinarily fortunate, that there are just too few of us left.

We're facing a war on two fronts. On the one hand, we're faced with an enormous and growing entitlement population drawn from all walks of life, including those who adminster and protect that entitlement class, which is another whole entitlement class of its own. On the other hand, we're faced with the powerful elites who control the media, banking and government. Ultimately, elections don't matter because there are just too many of the one, and the other are too powerful. The suit monkeys on Wall Street, and their international banking partners, are able to whip up the masses into any frenzy they wish at the snap of their fingers. And to prevent us from making any measurable impact at all.

The necessary end result? A total economic collapse, of course. But you already knew that.

Take heart, though, because that collapse will finally break our enemy's hold on us. Read this book and find out how to win the war on the other side of the collapse (hint: it is all about what you can build, not what you destroy). And what to do to improve your life, in meaningful ways, until that day arrives.

More practical and modern than Atlas Shrugged, this book fills in the gaps that popular political pundits won't touch.

Buy it now or look inside. Or download and read the entire "Chapter 2, Who Should Read This Book", along with the errata notes for that chapter.

As you can see, this book is about a different kind of survival skill, one that works today as well as being essential to pulling us out of a collapse later. But you've got to learn to hide among the monkeys, the right way, and protect yourself from them, until we get there. Or else the monkeys will single-out and destroy you now, before you ever get a chance to overcome them later.
Can't Afford the Book? I Can Help

Are you one of the unfortunate millions who have been targeted, directly or indirectly, for destruction by this system? Think the material in this book can help you get back on your feet, but you can't afford it because of all that has been stolen from you?

In that case, if you are willing to read it, learn from it, use that material to make yourself and your family stronger, and then help others get stronger for the fight ahead, then write me and we'll send one to you at no charge, not even postage, those strings attached.

Later, if after you get back on your feet, you can pay for it then, that's great. Most important, however, is to not let your current situation get in the way of improving yourself right now.

And enjoy more of our special brand of preparedness and distinctive thinking below:

Defamating The Government

I've been otherwise engaged for a while now, but haven't been idle.

Read more about how the local Barneys have stepped on their fifes, and what is coming next.
Oathkeepers Successfully Defend Ferguson

The Oathkeepers not only denounce Police Chief Wiggum Belmar by name, they stood watch over Ferguson when the government failed to do so, saving lives and property from arsonists and looters.

Read more about this Oathkeepers Success Story.
The Bundy Paradox

Having created yet another SWAT-style kabuki theatre, this time in the Nevada desert, what are our Fedgov masters to do about the significant unintended consequences now that the proles didn't just cave in or react foolishly?

Find out about the implications of the Bundy Paradox.

To avoid requiring the Flash Player plug-in, the video still shown above links to YouTube.
Valerie Learns About Modern Slavery

Own any government bonds, either directly or through bond funds? Then guess what, you are acting like a slave owner. Learn what little Valerie has learned about slave owners ...
Fruitcakes and Vocational Terrorism

If you are a trapped in a cubicle, you are also vulnerable to having your vocation attacked by assorted fruitcakes, official and otherwise.

Find out how to inoculate yourself against attacks of Vocational Terrorism, and grow stronger and more powerful at the same time.
Fully Taxated Incorporation Tips

Until it all goes over the cliff and we get a chance to rebuild, we have to live in the here and now. Find out how to keep more of what you earn, while taking advantages of both ends of the tax code.

Come now, monkeys, did you really think that you could steal big bucks from people who think for a living, and not have them figure out how to hurt you with your own rules? Yep, it can be a lot of fun getting the monkeys to pay you to starve them.

Get started by reading my Incorporation Tips for ideas about how to get your company started so that monkeys will start paying you to starve them. Then read the "Fully Taxated" article series linked from there.

Updated on 19 April 2012 regarding Obamacare implications.

Additional sections chock-full of practical tips coming soon!
Constitutional Quizzery

Despite a continual degradation of liberty in these united States, the patriot blogosphere continues to be energized with sentiments such as "keep your hands off my Constitution", "let's restore the Constitution", "if you don't like my Constitution then you should get the hell out", or "I can't wait to kill all the people who don't like my Constitution". Or variations of this same theme....

Read the rest...
Oopsie, Tom was w-w-w-wrong (article)

One thing that distinguishes each of us from the monkey is the willingness to admit when we're wrong. I've been wrong about something for a while, and it's been bubbling around in my head as one of those subconscious things. I hate to think that I've participated in leading anyone astray, and need to set things right.

Read the entire article on Militant Libertarian ...
Why Do We Worship the Constitution?

In early 2010 I read Boston T. Party's book Hologram of Liberty for the first time, and I was shocked. Until then, I was as much of a die-hard Constitutionalist as is possible for someone to be. Not any more.

This book is a well-researched, scholarly dissection of the frauds surrounding the convention, the framing and the ratification of the Constitution for the United States of America. Any thinking person who reads this book should walk away angry at the hoax that has been perpetrated on the people of this country. So why hasn't this happened in droves? Two reasons.

Buy it now or read more ...

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Tom's 2010 Liberty Forum Talk

Tom was invited to be the second speaker at the opening of the 2010 Liberty Forum, where he painted a grimly realistic picture of how to free ourselves, and the hope which lies ahead.

Watch the entire series...
Palletry for Improved Quality of Life

For those of you who have read Starving the Monkeys, you know that as we near a collapse of civilization, people will start using (and using up) materials and finished goods in unexpected and novel ways. The lowly material-handling pallet falls into this category. Reading through the homestead and preparedness literature, one often finds references to the use of pallets to construct useful things. For monkey starvers in particular, building things out of pallets is a great way to deny forage to suit-monkeys who demand their slice of our consumption pie.

We, like many others, enjoy using pallets for building material for several reasons. read more ...

SoftBaugh Launches Self-Study Courses

Having read Starving the Monkeys, we all know the value of the coming collapse. But, someone needs to know how to get those computerized tractors, factories and power plants running again. Or to make armed RPVs or encryption devices, but this time for the good guys ...

That someone might as well be you, or your child. SoftBaugh, our sister company, has launched a series of self-study engineering courses which don't require experience in the field to learn or to teach. Apolitical in nature, these courses are great for homeschoolers, too. The first course in this series, Software Development I: with Python, is now available.

Find out more at
The Pygmy Goat Pallet House

Our first major pallet project, this livestock house is great for small animals such as Pygmy goats, rabbits, and adult chickens. Other than a half-pound or so of cheap screws, all the materials were picked up for free as scrap.

By the time you get this finished, you probably shouldn't look too closely at the construction quality in your home, particularly if you live in a cookie-cutter subdivision. Otherwise, you might want to build your next home yourself. Out of pallets.

Which is exactly the point. You may have to one day, when we're all poor. Practice now, while you can.

Read more, and stay tuned for future pallet projects suitable for monkey starving.

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Free Talk Live Interviews Tom

Tom was interviewed by Free Talk Live when he appeared at the 2010 Liberty Forum in New Hampshire this March. Great overview of where we're headed.

Watch on YouTube...
Peering into the Portfolio Pit (article)

With the downgrade of the banksters' confidence in their ability to beat their tax slaves harder, a lot of you are worried about what is happening to your portfolios now, and what will happen to them in the months ahead.

Don't be.

Read the entire article...

To avoid requiring the Flash Player plug-in, the video still shown above links to YouTube.
Defeating the New York Banksters, A Two-Part Video

For the last decade, we've been fighting a war because NYC and DC were attacked. In the meantime, both groups of criminals have robbed us blind. Enough's enough. Read Tom's shocking solution to this ongoing problem. If we won't put these rabid dogs out of our misery, maybe someone else will. All we have to do is get out of their way ...

Read the entire article on Liberty News Radio...
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