Leech City Update, 3 Dec 2016

In the past week or so, Leech City has had a few updates. The most important of these is the satirical description of a theft of a log (yes, some people will steal anything). We’re still letting that one work its magic on the local criminal psyche. In the meantime, we think that how that theft was conducted indicates that the local crime organization has lost the support of a layer of thugs which had been used for terror and harassment missions. An upcoming article will discuss what we’ve learned of the criminal mind, and how to strip out layers of a criminal organization to both weaken and discredit it.

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Ground Solar, Part V, The Batteries

Old School Tech has released a new article in its ground solar series, this time about the batteries. Originally intended to only run a freezer, we were able to also run two refrigerators off this system, but only for about four hours per night. One of the missions of the nightwatch during the hurricane power outage was to schedule operation of the power system, and monitor the batteries to their 50% depth of discharge. By experimentation, we determined that, under this load, 50% depth of discharge was approximately 24 volts, which would be about 24.5 volts at no load and with the surface charge dissipated. It was very easy to integrate this new task into the nightwatch routine. A future article will discuss an optimized version of this system based on lessons-learned.

Differential Trump Analysis

Some in the Alt-Right are despairing over Trump’s interviewing of various candidates for cabinet positions, including beltway insiders, party hacks and financial oligarchy frontmen. It is too early to despair over these moves. In fact, the failure to make these moves would be cause for despair. Let’s apply differential analysis to this situation and see why. The possible variations we will consider is that Trump is real or he is fake, and Trump is naive or he is clever. Then, we will consider how he would be acting now, with respect to cabinet interviews, in each case.

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Faithless Elector Update, 29 Nov 2016

Once again, the faithless elector astroturf plan continues its short march to December. Each week since the election, like clockwork, news about the faithless elector project emerges, compelling me to write an update. I was hoping that this week would be an exception, but no. Yesterday, Wirecutter at the Knuckledraggin blog posted a link to this article by a “conflicted elector”. Note the “crisis of conscience” predicted on this blog as a ruse to cause a sufficient number of Trump electors to fall by the wayside, paving the way for a third pick by a corrupted House.

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Ground Solar, Part IV, The Inverter

Old School Tech has released a new article about the ground solar array we deployed during Hurricane Matthew. This time, it is about the inverter, or in this case, the 24 volt MicroSolar 1000 watt pure sine inverter. As you will read in that article, we had to derate it by about 3x, which is still enough for our freezer and refrigerators. The most important feature of that inverter is that it has an exceptionally high-quality sine wave output. It is also $30 cheaper on Amazon now than when we bought ours last summer. For the prepper freezer system we’re describing, it is a great choice.

Sign the Hammond Petition!

Dwight and Steve Hammond were convicted and imprisoned on federal arson charges for burning off pasture land, a routine land management process. The Hammonds were subsequently released from prison after serving their original sentences. However, they were then re-sentenced, and re-imprisoned, under the justification that the original sentences were less than mandatory minimum sentences. I believe that this re-imprisonment is unjust, particularly in light of the number of rioters who roam the streets free after setting fire to homes, businesses and public property, and am supporting the White House petition to have the Hammonds pardoned and released.

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Leech City Update, Leechwatching Tools

Leech City has just posted an article detailing various tools used to monitor and hold local public officials responsible for their misconduct.

Also, our yardsigns are in!

Leech City Yard Sign

Let’s see how long it takes the city to pass an emergency ordinance to ban these signs.

2016 Thanksgiving Message

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I have an amazing family, and a great wife who has been by my side for more than three decades. Many of our brethren are not so fortunate. Their lives destroyed by the phenomenon of divorcerape, they are the victims of a deliberate war waged against the American family, where wives and mothers, seeking the easy payouts of alimony and child support payments, have been turned into the destroyers.

It is a fact of nature that women tend to follow the strongest influence they see around them, and via the influence of “u go gurrl” mass media, Big Daddy Government has been marketed as the strongman of them all. Pimping false security, Big Daddy promises all if only she will sell out the father of her children, the man who loves those children more than anyone else in the world. Their father certainly loves them, and her, more than any government drones, who see those children as merely pawns in their sick game of power. Along the way, the women, instead of being revered as wives and mothers, become hardly more than prostitutes, selling out their own families for a string of checks.

So, this Thanksgiving, let’s remember our enslaved and shattered brethren whose families have been destroyed, often behind his back in collusion with FaceTube, Twatter and the television, while he was out earning a living for them. For those of you fortunate enough to be with an intact family this year, turn to the mother of your children, pull her close, look deep into her eyes, and tell her, from the bottom of your heart …

… how lucky she is to be with a man like you.

Introducing Caveman Chemistry

OST has posted a new article introducing the book Caveman Chemistry, by Dr. Kevin Dunn. “Starving the Monkeys” readers will recognize this book from our recommended reading list; we use it all the time for our homeschool chemistry lab manual to supplement text books. If you only have room on your prepper shelf for one chemistry book, this one is it. Worst-case, you will be able to get future generations up to a greater-than-high-school level of chemistry knowledge quickly, and at the same time be able to create useful materials for a higher quality of life.

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Faithless Elector Update, 22 Nov 2016

The oblate liberty spheroid is abuzz with talk about Trump electors receiving threats of violence unless they change their support when the Electoral College selects the next President in December. As usual, while infuriating, these threats are likely to be misdirection to conceal the actual manipulations behind the scenes. The actual manipulations are likely to be a combination of bribes and extortion of selected electors to inject a “reasonable, healing” third party into the mix, allowing a compromised (in the corrupted, rather than the diplomatic sense) House to deep-select a pasty cuckservative. I doubt that Hillary is the intended beneficiary of an electoral steal.

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