Clever or Criminal, A New Leech City Series

Leech City has launched a new blog series, “Clever or Criminal?”, to explore whether slimy actions by local officials represent clever letter-of-the-law dodges, or cross the line into criminal behavior. On tap for today’s post in that series is a dodgy response to our previous test-case open records request that we outlined for you as an example in this post. Manassas’ behavior is certainly more consistently bizarre than anything we’ve encountered before anywhere else, rabid golf-community homeowners’ associations included. But, maybe we’re just exposing them to the light more than others, and most local officials are this way. I hope not. If most local officials are like this, we’re doomed as a nation.

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Monsters Attack Blueberries!

Our hormone-free blueberry cuttings experiment continues over at Old School Tech, this time with an attack by monsters, and an update on progress. Why the preoccupation with a hormone-free process? Mostly to make sure that this work can be repeated if supplements were not available. So far, the critical materials, from the pressed pulp containers to the fertilizer mixtures, can all be locally synthesized, if required, using techniques from antiquity. It is clear from our results thus far, compared to our previous results, that rooting hormone is a very valuable item. Where are the monks and their stores of scientific knowledge when you need them? It seems that you and I are those monks now, and the Internet is our parchment.

Trump Week In Review, 7 Apr 2017

Apparently, the new administration is as susceptible to false-flags and typical neo-cuck weepy-eyed distraction as, well, every one of them in my lifetime. Critical domestic issues? No. Bomb Syria? Yes!

My main concern is that the growing tide of small- and medium-business momentum continues long enough to get good people into their lifeboats before it all continues the briefly interrupted slow but accelerating planned descent beneath the waves. Were the last few months simply the stern lifting out of the water, providing the illusion of safety?

As I have said all along, it isn’t about the man or the Kabuki, it is about the taste of victory in the mouths of middle Americans against the forces of globalism. That genie isn’t going back in its bottle; this has only been a bit of breathing room all along.

The key is that we all learned from this exercise that we are not alone. That hasn’t changed. That won’t change.

Trump Weeks In Review, 31 Mar 2017

“Weeks In Review” this time instead of “Week In Review”; I’ve had my head down for weeks on business events, and skipped last week entirely. The tenth week in to the new administration, a few worms have turned, but most worms have fortified themselves into various deep state bunkers. The biggest bunker is Obamacare, again our hot button bellwether issue. Clearly, Congressional Republicans can no longer hide the fact that they are bought and paid for by globalists. There simply is no other way to interpret the abject refusal to overturn this national abomination.

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Leech City WTF, 29 Mar 2017

OK, sometimes I try to make sense out of Manassas city shenanigans, and put things in a nice lessons-learned kind of way. There’s more of that coming, but they make it harder and harder to generalize to most people’s local government situation. It’s tough to be “on” all the time when the backdrop is so bizarre. Today, I told a friend about some of this stuff, and he was absolutely incredulous. We’re waiting for a trigger condition to happen before we can reveal more things, but in the meantime …

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Stately Features

With our Leech City work, we’ve been focused on Georgia laws and issues. However, we’ve heard from reliable sources that there are other states out there, and with different combinations of issues. In addition to the local civil affairs aspect, we’ve decided to analyze states across a wide range of issues that influence whether any given state is a viable candidate for long-term civilization growth (or any civilization at all). I would like this to have an open source aspect to it, and make the results public, so that many people can benefit.

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Trade Show Skills, Part I

SoftBaugh has released an article on trade show skills. Trade shows are often overlooked by many small businesses, or approached with unreasonable expectations by others. Trade shows can run the gamut between inexpensive $100 or less booths at gun shows or local hobby shows, all the way up to many thousands of dollars for booths and accessories at industry events. Some exhibitors, such as those at home shows, will spend upwards of six figures on their displays, even building little kitchen, living room or deck mock-ups on site.

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Heirloom Blueberry Cuttings, Part II, The Cuttings

Old School Tech continues its heirloom blueberry cuttings series, this time about preparing and soaking the cuttings themselves. Although this experiment deviates a little from normal cuttings techniques, it appears to be producing promising results so far. As mentioned last week, we had great results a couple of years ago from these same plants. This time, we’re giving it a try without rooting hormones, and with a simpler method that lets us take care of the new plants as a batch.

No Fructose Corn Syrup

At the trade show last week, no outside food or beverages were allowed. Instead, vendors inside were giving food and beverages away to promote their products to the attendees. Because our family had stopped drinking sugared beverages a long time ago, I asked the show operators if we could bring in water. The operators said no, that there would be vendors with water in the show. Sure enough, two major soft drink makers were there, and had a high percentage of their own bottled water brands. It turned out that this high percentage wasn’t high enough.

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