Leech City Intelligence Motivator

Leech City, our site to monitor and expose local public corruption, has a new post about the symbiotic behavior of criminal gangs and corrupt government officials. For those following along with the techniques for battling local corruption, that post helps motivate local dissidents toward the collection of raw information which can be processed into actionable intelligence. It is written without a lot of buzzwords, and puts a face on tolerance-of-corruption = crime-near-you. Future posts will drill into some of the suspicious and sometimes seemingly innocuous motivations and behavior which can indicate hidden corruption and support of criminal activity. In particular, the MICE and RASCLS frameworks will be introduced in layman’s terms. This is only the beginning to what is planned for this operation. We’ll also show how the corrupt elements respond and how they attempt to attack or weaken this effort. As usual, you will get to watch this evolution so that you can apply the techniques in your areas.

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