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Pygmy Goat Pallet House
Preparing the Materials


Prep Work
The Foundation
Side Walls
Front Door Frame
Finish the Door
Back Wall

Materials and Prep Work

Following the principles given in our pallet construction primer we need to prepare our materials for the goat house project. Here is a list of materials we'll use during this project.

• Three standard 42"x48" pallets (remember, read the primer for the terms we use for our pallets) in good condition. These three will form the floor and walls of our goat house. One, the floor, should be easily patchable to form a floor with gaps no greater than about an inch, to keep little hooves from sticking through and getting trapped. If you can't find one similar to that shown on the next page, then we can tile a wood floor later to overcome this.

• Strip slats from approximately six pallets, or the whole equivalent from as many broken pallets as needed. Recover a half-dozen full slats in the process. Almost all of the slats used in this project will need to have parallel sides rather than split or shattered. You will also need a couple of pallets that are made from materials that resemble dimensioned lumber, particularly full slats from these.

• Select six good rails from the slat-stripping pile. Knock the scraps from these, and pull or sink their nails. If possible, three or four of these should resemble dimensioned lumber. The remaining rails can be similar to the notched rails in the wall pallets.

• Refer to the list of screws in the primer. You will need about two hundred small drywall screws, about one hundred large drywall screws, a few small deck screws, about twenty medium deck screws, and a few long deck screws.
Once you've prepared the materials, read about building the foundation for the pallet goat house.

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