Trump Week In Review

President Trump has been in office for a week now. So, it would be a good time to review progress thus far, given his phenomenal rate of advance on key issues. With cuckservative presidents past, a year wouldn’t be enough. Plenty of sites can handle all the actions Trump has taken, but I want to focus on the effects his Presidency has on the world I see around me, particularly with respect to small businesses.

For the businesses we do business with, particularly design or manufacturing companies, the Trumpening affects or promises to affect three key areas: supply chains, H-1B visas, and Obamacare. This week, we focus on these issues and look forward to seeing how Trump’s policies affect them.

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Open Records Request Essentials

We’ve been building toward a doctrine for exposing and eliminating misconduct by local government officials, and one important tool in that doctrine is the open records request. Think of this tool as a recon element. Like a recon element, this tool can be used to alert you to unexpected behavior in general, or to focus like a laser beam on a specific line of inquiry. And, like a recon element, a records request is not the primary effort, either in defense or offense, but gathers information so that you can marshal your other legal, civil and public affairs efforts for maximum and overwhelming impact at a time and place of your choosing.

In a previous Leech City article, we described the Georgia open records law in detail, and noted that most other states will have similar “sunshine” laws in place. In this article, we show an actual, current records request, and break down the essential elements so that your own requests can have the maximum impact. We’ll write a followup article on the response we receive from this request, which will be an interesting exercise to see unfolding live. As always with any material on this site, I am not an attorney and nothing you read here is legal advice, merely an exploration of what we have done, why, and the results obtained. You may wish to consult an attorney in your area for issues specific to your particular state.

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The Winnowing of Truth

In our local intelligence operation, we are constantly flooded with raw information. And, the more successful our efforts become, the more sources we are able to recruit, including an increasing number of walk-ins, or volunteer sources. This is one reason we haven’t published much in the past month; sifting through this gigantic and growing pile of leads is a job in itself (1).

Some sources cite a triage process of separating the information into three groups: true, unknown and false. We like to use seven bins instead, which can help move information along, give better guidance to intelligence operations in the field, and assist in vetting sources (2). These seven categories are detailed below.

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A Combined Approach To Civil Affairs

As we’ve been describing our local civil affairs (1) operation here against the entrenched criminal organization and its enablers within various local governments, we’ve noticed some hand-wringing on various sites about whether these methods are an effective approach. Some of this feedback is from people who have tried similar approaches in their own areas, with less success. Other feedback, however, is from what can only be described as deliberate counterforce psyops, including such forward-thinking ideas as “maintain a lower profile” or “don’t try because you will fail”. A key nugget of information is whether any of these counter-advocates are also known for advocating the “git ur gunz” approach; this appears to be generally the case. We’ll dissect some of these counterforce psyops in more detail in future articles, but this combination is a strong clue that you are probably watching a deep state troll in action.

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Repost: Rules of the House

ed. This is a repost of an article from last year, prior to the new blog format here. Those who followed my advice to watch “Welcome to Leith” will recognize some of the lessons-learned from that mockumentary, especially the need to have a light touch on the community even in the face of official hostility. This article is further prep for our forthcoming discussion about the lessons to be gleaned from that video in the context of a hostile local government willing to subvert law, justice and truth to harass citizens.

I want to thank all the people who have come to our facility to train and to do other work who have taken these rules to heart and respected our mission. Your behavior here has been a credit to yourselves, your leadership, your organizations and your principles; each of you have helped us accomplish our goals here in many important ways.

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Georgia Open Records Act

Leech City has released a new article in its leechwatching tools series, this time about the Georgia Open Records Act, or GORA for short. In terms of behavorial modification, the previous article in this series described the Georgia Open Meetings Act, a means by which public officials, our servants, can come face-to-face with their masters. The GORA, or similar legislation found in other states, is an even more powerful tool by which they learn the smell of their master’s hand. Effective use of this tool is an essential skill for any local activist wishing to keep their public servants in line.

Multicolor Off-Grid Christmas Lights

Old School Tech has released the final article in the off-grid Christmas light series, this time with a discussion about multi-color lights, their analysis and a useful generic design procedure. Homeschoolers will find a nice wrap-up in this article with a more scientific process that makes a great science project, linking science, electronics and statistics. Preppers can use the design procedure in this article to make various lighting strings from any color combinations. Be sure to check out the previous wrapper article on this site for a discussion of the practical advantages of this kind of off-grid lighting, especially when combined with the deployment of LP/OPs.

Welcome to Leith, Georgia

Although we’re throttling back on posts to enjoy this Christmas with friends and family, we want to make a video recommendation. This video is required viewing for all those interested in putting their local tyrants on a leash. Welcome to Leith is a recent documentary about the efforts of a small town to ward off white nationalists who had moved in with the intention of taking over. To thwart this effort, the city officials, including the barely-shaving mayor who had inherited the position, conducted numerous shady, illegal and abusive acts to harass and intimidate the villains. These perversions of law and justice were, predictably, reported in the movie as a heroic repelling of boarders. In the documentary, the invaders were a group of down-and-outers who wouldn’t pose a rational threat to anyone outside the confines of their local trailer park. The whole program is so much of a caricature that it is hard to see it as anything but a deliberately-staged drama. Nonetheless, it is a useful tutorial, which is why a friend recommended I watch it during the planning stages of our post-burglary operation here.

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100,000 Visitors

Since starting this new blog format a little over two months ago, we’ve reached the 100,000 visitor milestone (with a little under a quarter of a million hits) on this site alone. Although modest in terms of other blogs, this is wildly more successful than I thought it would be, given my level of advanced crotchetiness. It took eleven days to hit 10,000, so the trend is definitely upwards. These stats do not count Leech City and Old School Tech, which are doing nicely on their own in their respective niches.

Thank you, readers, for coming here and plowing through what we have posted.

Some highlights:

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