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Hurricane AAR: Don’t Use Don’t

I had fun writing this somewhat tongue-in-cheek dramatization of an actual event. I hope you have as much fun reading it. And yes, it is a blatant ad for our field phone product also. In the update to my original Defamating post, I pointed out that one of our signs was shot recently, on a […]

Family-Friendly Old School Tech

At the start of 2016, we launched a family-friendly blog, Since then, we have been caught up with the local crime and corruption drama, so we haven’t put in much effort over there since then. Old School Tech is a home for family-friendly guides about how to do and build interesting things. While Starving […]

Repost: Defamating Update: Shots Fired

This was originally posted as a static page. Reposted into the blog format. Since publishing the original Defamating the Government article on the 30th of September, someone took at least one potshot at one of my buildings. This round was fired from the road, and grazed my For Sale sign.

Repost: Defamating the Government

This was originally posted as a static page. Reposted into the blog format. A couple of years ago, I moved into a little town called Manassas, Georgia. I initially thought it was Mayberry, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Much more on that later, including widespread burglaries, drug traffic, prison contraband smuggling, public corruption, […]

Welcome to Our New Starving the Monkeys Blog

After years of coaxing by many friends, I have finally decided to blog for real. For a long time, I resisted blogging. Mainly, I thought it would take up too much of my time, especially when dealing with all the trolls that blogging inevitably attracts. The static page format worked great for me, and I’ll […]