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Leech City Update, 15 Nov 2016

We put up a new post over at, this time it is about some of the criminal history in our area and why we have fortified the place. That article lays the groundwork for future articles explaining the difference between criminals and corrupt politicians (spoiler: corrupt politicians are worse). For those of you just […]

Off-Grid Lead Acid Battery Principles

Old School Tech has just posted an article about off-grid lead acid battery principles. While lead-acid batteries are not the optimum choice for long-term use, they are relatively inexpensive for a two- or three-year solution as long as they are well-maintained and properly used. Another advantage of lead-acid batteries is that, in certain circumstances, there […]

The Final Veil Is Falling

Faithless electors. This theoretical flaw feature of the Constitution, which once was the province of fringe conspiracy theorists, now has a face. What was barely thinkable a week ago, is now a rising tide of a leftist social media campaign in the real world, and mainstream media trial balloons. Hint: once these things hit the […]

Homeschool CLEP: 8 College Biology Credit Hours at Age 14

Last month, I was able to brag that our fourteen-year-old homeschooled daughter earned college calculus credit through the CLEP test. Yesterday, she passed the Biology CLEP with a score of 58/80, which is good for up to eight college credit hours at many universities. This win is made even nicer by the fact that some […]

Breathing Room

Breathing room. God love Trump’s red-hats, I thank them, and I am thankful for them and what they accomplished. While I am cautiously optimistic about the outcome (don’t get me started about the last time I gave myself the luxury of savoring apple-flavored, star-spangled unicorn pie), I’m not dropping my pack. There is still much […]

Firing the Final Protective Fire

All the arguments have been made. I am under no illusions about whether America will be made great again. Now that so many people are so aware, simply hanging on a little longer at this point would help. I am under no illusions that the election may be stolen, I want to make sure they […]

New Blog,

Those of you who have been following our ongoing saga with the city of Manassas, Georgia, know that we formed a council of elders with expertise in a variety of fields, and asked for their advice about how to best accomplish our objectives. An important front in this campaign is the local public affairs effort. […]

Yankee? Hardly.

Knuckledraggin posted an article questioning the practice of eating fried chicken with utensils, to which I replied, admitting to this dining habit. The subsequent good-natured Knuckledraggin response, and selected commentary, incorrectly identified your author as a Yankee. The following is typical of the sort of well-groomed, finely detailed, factually accurate, and calmly-delivered lambast that one […]